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Water Bottle Toys For Dogs

Water bottle toys for dogs

Does your dog enjoy playing with water bottles, but you want him or her to be safe while chewing?

Then, the Premium Dog Toys Crinkle Dog Toy is the perfect choice for your pup!

We've loved many dogs in our day and the one constant we always noticed is that they loved chewing on water bottles. Just seeing the smiles on their faces was enough to melt our hearts on a daily basis. Although the water bottles brought our pups so much joy, we were a little concerned about the little plastic pieces that would fall off the bottle when it got to the end of its life. That's when we started doing some research and found that there were some great toys that simply house the water bottle - making it super safe for your pup to continue playing with!

What is a water bottle toy?

Let's do a quick review here. Water bottle toys for dogs are designed specifically to form around any generic plastic water bottle. You likely have a whole recycling container full of them at your house. They make for hours and hours of playtime because the outside shell protects the bottle from breaking, yet it still provides that great CRINKLE and CRUNCH sound and feel that dogs love. 

What are the advantages of a water bottle toy?

Where do we start ;)

  • They provide a safer way for your dog to enjoy playing with a water bottle. Its durable and is great for dogs that love to chew and play with empty water bottles. We recommend it for dogs that are tough on toys, but not aggressive chewers.
  • Most of these toys come pre-stuffed with a water bottle. If you want to replace the water bottle please follow the instructions.
  • They help reduce boredom and anxiety. Softer material is easy on the mouth, making it perfect for senior dogs. Plus it floats!
  • Material is free of BPAs or Phthalates, and is easy to clean. It contains FDA approved ingredients and is made in the USA.

What water bottle toys does Premium Dog Toys provide?

We have a great selection of water bottle toys for dogs. You may also hear them referred to as "crinkle" or "crunch" toys because of that great sound they make. Our water bottle toys are made with a combination of leather and wooley cotton rope, which is soft to the chew and very safe for your dog.

In general stock, we typically carry three water bottle toys:

The Crinkle Flamingo:

Crinkle flamingo dog toy with water bottle

The Crinkle Pheasant:

Crinkle pheasant dog toy with water bottle

The Crinkle Duck:

Crinkle duck dog toy with water bottle