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Frequently Asked Water Buffalo Horn Questions

Thinking about getting your dog some water buffalo horns? Before you do, check out some of the frequently asked water buffalo horn questions we get from customers like you. 

Where do the water buffalo horns come from? 

These are all natural buffalo horns from India. 

Why should you give your dog a water buffalo horn?

The horn is 88% protein and very low in fat. It is a hard, long lasting, non staining chew item that also helps keep the dogs teeth clean. A very safe and healthy alternative to rawhides and normal dog bones.

Are the horns suitable for all dogs? 

Each buffalo horn is slightly shaped or different from the next. From our experience, we recommended that the heavy, thick walled horns are better fro strong aggressive chewers. If your dog is old with brittle teeth or has teeth problems, then we do not recommend giving your dog the water buffalo horns.

Are the horns treated in any way and are there hormone or antibiotics added? 

The horns are irradiated (much like human food), and are also cleaned and baked. Sharp edges are smoothed during this process as well. The horns are 100% natural and there are no hormones or antibiotics added 

What if my dog doesn't have any interest in the horn? 

From our experience, most dogs love the taste of the horn as the horn is 88% protein. If your dog does not seem to like the horn, try putting some peanut butter in the end of the horn! That's a safe alternative that can add some extra taste to the horn. 

 What is the difference between a horn and an antler?

Antlers are found on deer and elk and these animals shed their antlers every year. The antler has marrow  inside and the dog is mostly after the inside marrow. Although horns are generally nutritious, they don't have the protein concentrates like horns do. Most horns are found on cows, buffalo, antelope, and other animals. While an antler sheds every year, a horn grows once in a lifetime and grows much slower than an antler. The horn is generally harder and much higher in protein. 

*Please Remember: Supervise whenever giving a toy or something to chew on. It is recommended that you discard the horn when the dog gets it chew down to a size which they can easily swallow. Always give your dog plenty of water when feeding or giving the dog something to chew on.