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Two (2) Bully Horn Special - Water Buffalo Horn

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Our Two for $20 Bully Horn special is our best selling deal!  While we carry 4 sizes, our special two bully horn special only is for the medium and large size. sizes  Our Water buffalo horns help promote positive chewing behavior, and natural ridges in the horn help clean teeth and massage gums as your pet chews. These are a great alternative to standard rawhides or bones!

Save roughly $5 when you buy two Medium or Large Bully Horns! In case you didn't know, our horns are: 

  • Thicker and Cleaner than Competitors!
  • Made with 88% Protein, Less than 3% in Fat
  • 100% Natural & Organic
  • Contain no additives or hormones
  • Imported from India (but that's a good thing)
  • Last 3 to 6 Months (thicker horns for more aggressive chewers)
  • For dogs that like to crush things, buy a thicker horn! 

Looking for more information? Check out our Premium Bully Horn information page: